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2010-12-31 02:44:51 by BlackLabelBobbie

Happy New Year NewGrounds!!

Lest We Forget

2010-11-11 16:49:41 by BlackLabelBobbie

Remember to take time out of your day today to remember all who have fought to protect everything we have.

Ooohh Yeeaaa!

2010-09-28 16:43:48 by BlackLabelBobbie

Managed to score me a tablet for my birthday! While I still have my higher quality flash im working on, im also going to try some comedic shorts. Ideas are still floating around and I guess the only way to tell if people like them or not is to submit them! Knowledge through trial and error I suppose haha. Anyways thats my update, birthday was good, the 2 day hangover is behind me as well! time to get back to business!

Started working on my first serious flash piece in years! Not quite sure how well it will turn out but hey, it's my first in a while with a new flash program and remembering my old techniques been fun. No estimated completion date yet but I'd like to eventually make a name for myself in the portal!

I'm Back!

2010-08-22 04:38:07 by BlackLabelBobbie

Just got back today from a 4 day trip down to Vancouver for Summer Slaughter 2010! Got a chance to see some of my favourite metal bands rip it up on stage! Feeling completely inspired, so I'll be working on some more music & art to throw up pretty quick here! Stay tuned! \m/


2010-08-05 18:02:40 by BlackLabelBobbie

Nothing much new to report. Been working on some submissions for the Newgrounds B-movie film poster contest. Ill be taking a few days off so hopefully by the time I'm back I'll have some new stuff to submit!

The Beers Are Flowin!

2010-07-29 05:33:06 by BlackLabelBobbie

Thanks everyone for their honest votes! I'm a firm believer in constructive criticism and whatever you comment on or suggest helps me as an illustrator!

Finally settled in!

2010-07-28 18:29:45 by BlackLabelBobbie

Finally got everything together on my profile and things are running smoothly on the new comp. Getting to work on my first flash short. Don't expect anything spectacular, it's been a while so I'll be applying some new techniques ( or practicing rather) Stay tuned!

Hey for anyone interested I'm in the process of moving my art onto my NG profile. Still getting things setup and what not, and I doubt anyone really cares, really I'm just using this as an excuse to write my first note! suckers!